Finance for Professionals

Specialist professions; which include doctors, dentists, vets, accountants and solicitors [although this list contains many others] have unique requirements when it comes to finance.

At 2XL Commercial we have a wide experience of the lending market in this sector and constantly update our knowledge of the facilities and terms offered by active lenders.

Practice or partnership facilities are available to assist with the purchase of business premises and other assets and 100% funding can be arranged.

Individually, professionals may need funding when they have the option of becoming an equity holder in a practice. Significant funding can be arranged and often without the need to provide security.

In both cases, fine interest rates are available to reflect the integrity, profitability and financial standing of the borrower.

In this ever changing market, we constantly review our panel of lenders to ensure that we can offer the best package available to our client, now and in the future.