Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme

If you have a viable business plan, but are unable to attract conventional funding because you have no available assets to offer to the lender as security, the Enterprise Finance Guarantee Scheme can overcome this by giving the lender a government guarantee against default in certain circumstances.

The terms and rules of eligibility can be complex and presentation and structure of a proposal is the key to the success of a funding request.

At 2XL Commercial we have the expertise to guide you through the scheme and, if you are eligible, we can produce a business plan to enable you to apply to one of our participating lenders.

The scheme can be used to back loans of up to £1 million with a guarantee of 75%, for which the borrower pays a premium of 2% on the loan balance - payable to the Government. It is available to any eligible business activity (most sectors are) with an annual turnover not exceeding £41m. Personal guarantees will be requested.